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ProCamp soccer camp Zeist

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Playing football in the Dutch lion’s cave.  The home basis of the Dutch national football team

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Age categories 7-10, 10-13 and 13-15
Each age category will allow a maximum of 35 players to sign up. 10 or 13 year old participants can choose one of the groups.

Camp information
Zeist – Is the home base of the Dutch national football teams. The location where you sleep offers you a lot of things, for example: volleyball, funfootball, tabletennis, pool and there is even an open sky cinema. You have no time to get bored!


You will sleep in rooms with a maximum of 7/8 players. The toilet and showers are shared. Accomodations are big and the rooms have plenty of space. You are surrounded by woods and playing ground.

The training pitches are just around the corner, with 10 mins of travel in the special ProCamp teambus.

Costs are €465,00 this is inclusive:

1) Professional training twice a day for 5 days

2) High players/coaches ratio
3) Meeting and learning from by ProCamp invited (ex-)professionals
4) Directions to improve own qualities
5) Diploma/certificate with evaluation by coach
6) 1 ProCamp soccer outfit (shirt,shorts and socks)
Participating in the super cool activities when we’re not playing football. 

8) 6 days/5 nights full, all-inclusive, treatment 

9) Participation in the evening program

10) 24H support from our staff, on and off the pitch


Whatever your position, everything necessary to improve your technique will come up:

-    Huge improvement on ball handling skills. The ball will be your friend.
-    Learned many, many new feint moves. There are more than 150!
-    Improved your ball placing skill. How do you deliver it where you want.
-    A much faster pace in ball handling.
-    Recognition of in-game moments

-    Even better vision of the game
-    And even keepers will have to move their hands constantly

You will make new international friends easily and have a lot of fun with the activities organized after training.

At the end of the week you have learned a lot of new things and many stories to tell at home. That’s for sure!

Dates 2015:


Starting at the 12 of July and ending at the 14 of August


For more information please contact us at: or call 0031 (0)72 8448995. ProCamp would be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

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