Goalkeepers Camp - Netherlands 2024

Are you ready for this Goalkeepers Camp? (8-17 years old)

Baarn is the home of ProCamp (House of Sports). Where you will be staying offers a wide variety of activities. For example: volleyball, fun football, table tennis, pool and there is even an open sky cinema. There will be no time to get bored here!

Develop yourself at the best goalkeepers camp

ProCamp exists for 17 years. The very best of recent years is reflected in the training sessions, animation at noon and the spectacular end show. You also have an extra chance of winning prizes these days. You really don't want to miss this edition...

ProCamp's Home Base - 'House of Sports'

You sleep in rooms with a maximum of 6-8 players, where the toilet and showers will be shared. The accommodations are big, and the rooms have plenty of space. When you are there, you are surrounded by woods and a playground. The training pitches are just around the corner, just about 10 minutes of travel by the special ProCamp team bus.

Everything that is necessary to improve your technique will be taught at this camp:

  • Improvement in ball handling skills. The ball will be your friend.
  • Specialized tactical training.
  • Improvement in ball placing skills. Deliver it where you want it.
  • Recognition of in-game moments.
  • Improvement of in-game vision.

It will be easy to make new international friends and have a lot of fun with all the activities that are organized after training. And at the end of the week you will have learned a lot of new skills and have many stories to tell back at home. That is for sure!

Overnight stay

Location Dates Gender Age Info Price Availability Register
Baarn 21/07-26/07 BG 8-14   € 580,- FEW PLACES LEFT SIGN UP
Baarn 28/07-02/08 BG 14-17   € 580,- FEW PLACES LEFT SIGN UP
Baarn 11/08-16/08 BG 8-14   € 580,- OPEN SIGN UP

Sleep at home

Location Dates Gender Age Info Price Availability Register
Woudenberg 22/07-26/07 BG 8-14   € 320,- OPEN SIGN UP
Woudenberg 29/07-02/08 BG 14-17   € 320,- OPEN SIGN UP
Woudenberg 12/08-16/08 BG 8-14   € 320,- OPEN SIGN UP

Prices exclude:
Booking Fee Baarn (€15,00)
- Booking Fee Woudenberg (€10,00)

Methods of Payment:
Credit card or Invoice

Inclusive at ProCamp:

  1. Professional training thrice a day for 5 days
  2. A high coach/player ratio
  3. Meeting and learning from ProCamp invited (ex-)professional goalkeepers
  4. Direction to improve own qualities
  5. Diploma/certificate with evaluation by coaches
  6. ProCamp goalkeepers shirt
  7. When we’re not playing football, participating in super cool activities.
  8. 6 days/5 nights of full, all-inclusive treatment
  9. 24 hour support from our staff on and off the pitch




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