Football makes us happy

If you are reading this, it means that you find it important to give your kid a sportive education and you want to give him or her a sportive holiday. Physical movement and sporting is crucial in everyone’s life. Encourage your kid to live an active life.

Reasons to choose ProCamp
When it comes to football holidays for youngsters, ProCamp is the specialist. We only work with highly trained professional coaches and staff. Your child will become a better player without having to lose the fun in the game. The high number of coaches guarantees that our child will have enough positive attention and makes the camp a safe and trusted environment.

ProCamp has 3 basic principles: Safety, Security and Holiday!

ProCamp applies the rules of “Kanjers in de Sport”. The staff will control the proper application of the rules. Thanks to the rules, every kid can have a good time and have their full focus on football. An acceptable discipline will contribute to a better performance and will expand social capabilities. It will also improve the mental ability of your child. A nice experience that is useful for both on and off the pitch!

Rules "Kanjers in de Sport

  • We help each other;
  • We trust each other;
  • We do not make fun of each other;
  • No one will pretend to be in charge;
  • We respect each other.

ProCamp promotes respect for the other players
Making new friends and treating each other with respect is the most important thing. During a sportive holiday, drinking alcohol and using drugs in inappropriate and will not be tolerated. No one is allowed out of the camp area without supervision. Boys and girls will be separated. Do not hesitate to choose with/for your child(ren) for a sportive holiday. Every camp hosts a parent’s day, where you will be able to see first-hand what your kid has learned.

Participating in a summer camp benefits a child’s development. “They get a better self-image, more self-confidence, develop better social leading skills and show spiritual growth,” says Amercan Benchmark research. 

In short: With football, more is possible for your kid. ProCamp combines the sportive attitude in all of its forms.

Goals of ProCamp Football Camp

ProCamp football camps gets kids to play sports actively and offer kids from 7-17 years old the unique opportunity to improve, with the help of excellent technique coaches. A dream education or during the school holiday.

ProCamp football camps only work in renowned locations. A safe surrounding, a secure feeling, and a professional staff along with cooperation, social contact and education are ProCamp’s philosophy. We work with small, controllable groups that are formed on the basis of age and capabilities. The youngsters will be encouraged to take the initiative to take care of themselves. The experienced staff will make sure there is the right balance of training and relaxing. Having fun, while instilling discipline are very important to ProCamp.

Who can come to the football camp?

We provide day- and overnightcamps. Everyone can join in, boys or girls, and whether you are a member of a football club or not. In the past, football was taught on the street by simply playing and practicing every day, which is almost impossible nowadays. The players will get a wonderful week, with kids of their own age, and lots of fun and sportive behavior. 

A positive attitude is the basis for a marvelous, active football holiday!



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